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Mobile broadband is simply the generic marketing name for mobile Internet access via a portable wireless modem, USB modem, or an iPad/Smartphone or other mobile gadget. In early 1991, the first commercial mobile broadband access became available on a piece of hardware that could be preinstalled within a cellular phone. These broadband telephones were called “GSM” (Global System for Mobile Communication) phones. Later, mobile broadband Internet became available on tablet computers and other portable devices such as PDAs and smart phones. Although these early mobile broadband providers faced some significant competition from the more established DSL and cable companies, they enjoyed slow to moderate growth until late 2021, when the competition became too stiff and prices began to drop significantly.

Today, there are many different mobile broadband telia & vilket mobilt bredband har bäst täckning? providers to choose from. They offer various plans to consumers that will allow them to choose what type of plan and data plan they need and how much they want to pay. Some providers will let you get online and stream music and video; download and watch media; and use their mobile phones as a remote access device that will allow them to surf the web while away from home.

In order to take full advantage of mobile broadband, you’ll need a high-speed USB modem. A USB modem connects to your computer and then downloads and uploads the necessary data to your cell phone or other device. Many providers of mobile broadband service will let you use mobile Wi-Fi hotspots at restaurants, coffee shops, airports and other public Wi-Fi hot spots. You can also use mobile broadband to stream high-definition videos on your home television or high-definition movies on DVD players.

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